Photo Story

Every time one of our fellow citizen leaves us, we are surprised to reflect how much of our daily collective history moves inexorably behind.

It is true that at the time survives only a very small part of the many human affairs, but that is why we feel a strong desire to be able to collect and preserve all that testifies to the recent history of our community Asciano.

The beginning of this great adventure, sustained by the conviction that history is an endless process "plural" and not characterized only by individual prominent personalities, began with the collection of photographic evidence jealously guarded by families Asciano.

The most difficult, but also extremely intriguing, was pick up the threads of the stories that each photo evokes and the desire to give a name to all those who appear.

This is also a collective history, in the sense of participation of many local characters who, thanks to a surprising memory survived the passing of the years, has allowed us to re-emerge from the mists of memory many names of characters have disappeared or moved to the far corners the world.

A warm thanks to our older friends who never miss a chance to hand down orally many stories, curiosities and anecdotes, no longer known.

Sincere thanks also to the staff of the local registry office, which often support us with small targeted surveys, invaluable in the preparation of our photo stories.

All visitors, un'augurio good vision of what we hope to appear as a successful attempt to let everyone know about the rich social life that has evolved over the years into a small community like ours.