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Antico Mulino del Comune di sotto

This mill, owned by the local community, was the last of the hull of all the mills that exploited the water of the beast, even though it was on the right bank of the Copra, in which it poured directly the water used.

Despite being the last in the chain of mills, it was not to be in difficulty due to lack of water, since it could use three different origins and had two gores to store it.

The first water supply came from a long channel fed by the discharges of the Mulci dei Lanci and dei Frati. The second source of pproveniva supply from the small existing source, just outside the Porticciola. The third came from the discharges of the Mulino del Comune above, located just behind the city walls.

The complicated structure of ducts also provided a drain, used to discharge any excess water, directly during the course of the Copra. Part of this entire structure was modified in the second half of the nineteenth century, to build the new Sources Washers, which prevented the mill from continuing to operate and the water of Porticciola was used to fuel the new sources.

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