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Antico Mulino della Commenda

The Mulino della Commenda, also known as the "Mulino dello Spedale di San Giovanni", consisted of two separate buildings still existing and set against the wall containing the water of the gora.

The existence of two distinct buildings could suggest the existence of two different activities: the grinding of grains and the processing of iron with water hammers. This last activity would be confirmed by a document of 1319, in which we start from "Molendium ferri".

Other indications relating to two different processes, would be: the articulation of the water channeling structures and the significant capacity of the gora.

The name of the mill recalls its original property to the monks of the convent of San Giovanni, located where now is the Bar Hervè and the church of San Bernarnardino. However, there is a document dating back to 1318, which testifies to the co-ownership of the mill by Antonio di Meo Tolomei.

The name with which the Mulino is known today, dates back to the advent of the Knights of Malta in the management of the Hospitale di San Giovanni, which changed its name and perhaps its social function becoming Commenda dei Cavalieri.

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