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Antico Mulino del Palazzo

This mill is probably among the oldest and has always been connected to the adjacent Palazzo Cacciaconti, being in front of the fortified structure of the family that for a long time and until about 1100, dominated the territories south of Siena. Their definitive subjugation and the total acquisition of their territories by the Sienese took place, however, only after about 150 years and many battles.

A relevant feature of this mill was the large capacity of accumulation of water in a large gora that on average could contain 2,000 cubic meters, a value far greater than the capacity of the gore in the service of all the other mills.

Perhaps it is for this reason that, even if with many transformations and with the partial adoption of the electric energy, this mill remained active until 1980, in the milling of wheat and even until 1992, in the macnation of foodstuffs for animals.

His first documentary attestation is around 1318 and relates to the deed of sale between a member of the Gallerani family (seller) and Antonio di Meo Tolomei (buyer). Passing property, several times in the following centuries, the last millers were the Meioni who bought it in 1952 and still own the property.

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