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La Cornacchia - Antico Mulino

Of this mill, of which only ruins remain and the evident trace of the great supply gora, obtained on a part of the old river bed.

The most important and still visible today, is the barrier along the river built over a natural waterfall, which allowed the storage of water coming from Mulinuzzo and the canal that carried water to Sant'Ippolito.

The aforementioned canal, supplying water upstream from Mulinuzzo, lapped the buildings of Sant'Ippolito and then poured into the river, just before the barrier of Cornacchia.

Of these mills no documentary material has been found that witnessed its existence in ancient times; only the documentation included in the Leopold land registry exists. The only thing certain is that in 1813, the Mill and the adjacent house of the Miller, belonged to the Marchesa Caterina Petrucci.

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