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Site Transitoire

Monument in stone made by Jean Paul Philippe in 1993 and located at the junction of three country roads between Mucigliani and Leonina.

This is the definition of the work by the French artist:

A few years ago, a thought completely occupied my time, realizing in stone and putting three family positions in space: sitting, standing up, lying down ... and leaving them silent to talk to each other in the solitude and silence of a natural place. I could never have imagined that what was about to become the site transitire would have been an accomplice of many meetings. The place chosen was that: a hill between Siena and Asciano in the heart of the Crete Senesi, between Leonina and Mucigliani. By making that gesture, by installing those stones, I realized that they drew the limits of a house in light and space. A dwelling without walls from the invisible threshold. On the floor some slabs, a chair to accommodate the passer-by, a bench, a window and a roof for the sky. The shadow of this stone furniture traces its walk on the ground thanks to the apparitions of the Moon and the Sun. In the summer solstice it is in the corner of the window that the solar disk disappears, while the first star and the lights of Siena shine.

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