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Terrazza Panoramica

After a retaining wall of friable travertine was built underneath the area around what was formerly the elementary school, the town decided to construct a little terrace overlooking the green valley of the Lama waterfall and the Bestina river.  From this observation point one can have a look at what remains of some of the mills and channels built to catch the flowing water and harness its hydraulic energy.


On the right, you can see one of the crucial facilities for the management and distribution of the town's water. Using a natural bed of travertine and digging a system of channels to make dams and sluices, people shunted water to the various places where they wanted it to go: to wells and storage facilities inside the old town center as well as to the mills located behind the Palazzo Bianchi Bandinelli. 


After the waterfall a little stream of water flowed over the rocky bed on which now stands the Museo Cassioli.  From there, the water ran through a series of tunnels that have still not been exhaustively explored as far as the backside of the Sant'Agostino Church, where a few millponds stored up water for the two mills further downstream.

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