Yet I know 'brothers! - Reflections on education and character of two countrymen

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Periodo: Short story of Henry Torpigliani

How many times, talking with friends or relatives, you use the expression "yet I know 'brothers" to emphasize the diversity that often distinguishes, in terms of behavior and character of two children born to a married couple? What follows are reflections of Henry Torpigliani, born 16 years later by his brother Bruno, on his family experience.

At first glance the intervening 16-year period between the birth of my brother and mine, is to understand what was the different position within my family, for the educational reports made by my parents towards their two sons, taking into account the character of the father's rigidity, especially the observance of certain civil and religious principles, fundamental and binding considered for a proper education.

Maybe Bruno, more than me, he was the more convinced observant and faithful interpreter, earning as a child a prestigious position in the family structure for having secured the achievement of certain objectives consistent with the principles described above, desired as a child and happily realized over time.

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