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Periodo: The memories of Pier Paolo Vaccari bulk born in 1932, son Emidio and Michelina Rubino, Director of Education of the Elementary Schools

With great surprise, we received this text, which we gladly publish, by Asciano moved elsewhere at the age of only seven years, but he remembers with love his days spent in the country, even of years now has as many as 84.

We invite everyone to read this short story, (annexed to the news in pdf format) because we are certain that you will be pleased to discover the love that shines through these his distant memories.

My heartfelt thanks to Pier Paolo, who, although he spent his life away from our places, it is still one of our beloved fellow citizen.

Here are the first lines of the story, which you can read in full by clicking on pdf Annex:

It was in 1939, I do not know what month, probably in the autumn, because when my mother and I (I was seven) you got off the train at the station of St. Joseph, was pitch dark.
The road, and the house where he lived, the Pergola, were plunged deeper into the darkness.
Mom did not seem worried; at least until they came to the house, we saw everything closed and blocked as if the inhabitants were gone.
There were, besides us, grandmother, aunt and Narcisa Santina.
Apparently the mother had no keys, or had to be in those days, the electric bell.
The fact is that no one answered our calls and knock on the front door: the darkness and the silence was total and daunting.
We then took the back, where there was the hen house, and my mother, - who at that point was pretty revved - told me to take the stones and pull them against the windows of the house; which I did in a swirl of feelings.
Eventually they opened ...................................

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