The Shops of Remembrance - the story of Sirius 95nne Francini.

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Periodo: Story presented and awarded on December 17 in the competition organized by the Provincial Confesercenti.

My father was a carpenter Saints since 1911 so it was right and proper, for that time (late 20s), follow him and help him in his work. I was just 10 years old when, after being in school, I went to the shop and my work as an apprentice, was to make the grout with chalk and water glue or paint, heat the gelatin in paiolina "bain marie "addirizzare and the" bulletins "(nails) with the hammer (how many" pullere "fingers !!!). Over the years I began to" work bench "before doing simple chores then increasingly challenging and important. I recall with satisfaction that when I was about 18 I was requested by the Administration for a period of the Abbey of Monte Oliveto to lend my labor in their carpentry workshop.
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