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Periodo: Attempt to reconstruct the Convent of the Gerosolimitans next to San Bernardino


In the past few days, it seemed to us to understand that the positive competition of many organisms and people involved in the country's history risks, from time to time, to create overlaps.

What is surprising to us is that there is still a lot to be rediscovered and studied with respect to the good work done in the recent past, so any competition should lead to a commitment to better and better things that everyone can do.

Let us recall that the challenge with the future will win all together, if we can make our territory more attractive even on the historical and cultural level. So we could catch two appreciable results:

increase the level of knowledge of fellow citizens over their roots,
attracting new qualified tourist flows and with good spending capability.

It is no coincidence that Mayor Bonari has recently emphasized the need to support and enhance the activities carried out in the music industry by the Crete Senesi Academy.

For our part, in demonstrating the many opportunities for study and enhancement, we will propose a series of arguments supported by a first and partial contribution to knowledge.

The first one we submit to you is by title:

SAN BERNARDINO, formerly San Giovanni Battista

To read the prepared tab and send us all the critical comments, contributions, and hypotheses of possible in-depth, just click on the title above.

Enjoy the reading.

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