IN SEARCH OF COMMON ROOTS AND MEMORIES, by Pier Paolo Vaccari, born in 1932

(Already started!)

Periodo: family history Vaccari-Fabbri, originated and lived in Asciano

The first people of the family of which I know something, little to the truth, because when you're young, unfortunately, certain information does not apply, whereas it would be so easy to get them, the first people, I said, which I know is something Emidio Fabbri and his wife Concetta Corazzesi, my great-grandparents, who lived both in Asciano between the twenties and the nineties of the nineteenth century.

I'd like to know something
more, but I do not know what their tasks and what ties presumably existed in the country with other families with the same surname. I know that the surname Fabbri has always been well represented; I personally recall of Mr. Amedeo (and his wife Ada), with whom would not rule out any connection.

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