The Libretto Colonico in relations between landlord and peasant

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Periodo: Snitches short story of Bruno Boccini, born in 1931

The farm booklet was filled for the first time when the farmer "came back the farm". In the booklet listed the duties to the master, for example: how many working days per year had to be devoted to the company, many small domestic animals were to be bred, the maintenance to be carried out on tools and more generally on the farm. There were also signs of various prohibitions, such as cutting of tall trees and unless the rules were given for immediate termination of the sharecropping contract were respected. The farmer, for the needs of firewood, he had to make do with branches, scrub and tendrils. Before the '30s was also prescribed the obligation to pay "tithe" to the church, and many other things.

In the booklet were then listed the "death estimates and the lives" of what has been received at the time of taking over the farm .................


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