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Museo Cassioli Pittura senese dell'Ottocento

Established in 1991 thanks to the generous bequest from the Cassioli family who originally hailed from Asciano, the Cassioli Museum received several works from the Instituto d'Arte di Siena, which makes this the only museum dedicated to nineteenth-century Siennese painting. 


Indeed, in addition to the paintings of Amos Cassioli, there are also works by students by students of the Academy, directed by Luigi Mussini.  The section on graphics and sculpture is particularly interesting.


In addition to a large number of paintings by Amos Cassioli, author of the battle scenes of the famous Sala del Risorgimento at Palazzo Pubblico in Siena, you can enjoy some interesting paintings by his son Giuseppe, characterized by a modern stretch that emphasizes color spots compared to definite details.

The Museum also houses interesting works by: Angelo Visconti, Cesare Maccari, Pietro Aldi and others, all brilliant pupils of the Senese Painting Academy of the nineteenth century.

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