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Fonte monumentale di Piazza del Grano

Located in what was then the mercantile center of town, this magnificent fountain was sculpted by the Renaissance artist Antonio Ghini in 1465. The outer portion of the basin is divided into rectangular panels decorated with designs of plants and various allegorical figures.  In the middle of the basin there rises up a tall jug out of which the water spurts.  The jug sits on a triangular base displaying the coats of arms of the two powerful men who had the fountain built: Palmieri and Nanni.


Singular shape of the square-type bathtub with semi-spherical lunettes at the center of each side and protruding outwards. The large outer surface of the tub is decorated by beautiful panels with bas-reliefs of floral or allegorical figures. Among these is easy to recognize: that of abundance, represented by a cornucopia; that of concord, represented by two arms crossed; that of constancy, depicted by a spiral and that of two tongues clenched between a vice that represents the condemnation of malice.

At the center of this admirable representation dedicated to the civil coexistence represented by the tub rises a vertical element in the form of pitcher from which water bubbles emerge. This element is based on a triangular section base, depicting the coats of arms of the Palmieri and Nanni podestas, who built the fountain in addition to the traditional coat of arms of the country.

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