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Fonte della Mencia

Located at the base of the Torre Civica (Municipal Tower) completed in 1586, the Mencia Fountain seems to take its name from the large stone mask from which water flowed down into a onyx basin.  These material is of great value and beaty. The Gorgon mask is sculpted in travertine and adorned with two metallic serpents.  This fountain replaced an older one found in the building to the right and structurally like the fountains in Siena.


In recent years it has been discovered that, besides the current fountain, there was a former era, with constructive features typical of the Senj sources. The fact that the water flowed from a slit in the wall, just above the level of the water in the tub, would think more of a watering can for a pet than a fountain for home supplies.

In addition, despite the constructive typology of a fifteenth or earlier source, in the municipal statute of 1465 and subsequent updates, there are no prescriptions of use for this fountain. This would be of benefit to the fact that, before the construction of the civic tower and the current fountain, there was only a source of animal watering, which is likely to be found along Lauretana's new path.

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