Around Asciano


If the fortune of a place could be measured by the number of postcards and commercials which this territory was the backdrop, the Crete Asciano could rightfully claim the record.

There is no photographer, cineamatore or wandering artist who has not been struck by gullies and by biancane the splendor solar, lunar and sour of this territory.

Environment, inhospitable and fascinating at the same time for its continuous change appearance over the year, going from bright green wheat fields, the fiery red of the flower, the dark gray of wet soil after plowing.

The "pearl" spiritual and artistic of this vast territory south of Siena, is definitely Monte Oliveto Maggiore, the Benedictine monastery founded in the early '300 by Bernardo Tolomei, founder of the order Olivetano.

A unique jewel in the world, located at the center of "Desert Accona" and surrounded by a forest of cypress trees, planted by the monks themselves, to consolidate the difficult terrain and landslides on which the structure of the monastery.

Inside an enormous wealth of works of art, from the great cycle of frescoes attributed to "Sodom" and "Signorelli", until the big wooden marquetry, which crowns the interior of the church next to the convent.

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I calanchi di Monte Oliveto Maggiore